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Looking to launch a product and have no idea where to start? Let us take the guess work out by helping you create a viable idea to sourcing, packaging, and marketing your product into the marketplace.

The outstanding work Jay did lives in the products we have in market today. 

I am proud to write this testimonial for Jay. We hired her as a contractor for our brand and at our first event, I was very impressed with how Jay maximized and communicated the features and benefits of our products to the consumers she interacted with. We were fortunate enough to have her on several other projects where she had the same positive impact for our brand. She also played a key role in the development of our new product line. I asked if she would be one of the key experts to use her product and consumer knowledge to help our team create the formulas, colors and products that are currently featured on our site.

Al Corona, Cate McNabb Cosmetics

So you’ve got an idea, now what?

Product development is an excellent way for your business or brand to stay ahead of the competition while appealing to the changing needs of your customers.  It can also open up new marketing channels and help to increase market share. “But where do I start?”, is the question we often hear. Many business owners have an idea but having and idea without the resources and tools to execute is, in short, NO BUENO (that’s spanish for NO GOOD, my friend).

That’s where we come come in

Dean Street Creative has years of experience building a ideas from the ground up in a variety of industries. From fashion to cosmetics, we know the ins and outs of creating a quality product that sells.

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